Monday, July 25, 2005

This is an ongoing attempt to blog my developing of an bookkeeping webapplication. It is a learning excercise, both on the technical and project front.

A short overview: I want to refresh muy knowledge on several techologies I know, and learn some new ones. In no particular order:

  • XHTML: I want to use strict XHTML webpages, and refresh my knowledge of all the tags

  • CSS: I want to thorougjly learn CSS to style my pages. I know the fundamentals, but not in-depth

  • AJAX: building interactive web-sites without having to clicl the Submit button all the time:

    • Javascript: necessary for modifying the web-page. The interaction between JS and CSS is particularly interesting

    • DOM: traversing and manipulating the Document Object Model.

    • XMLHttpRequest: Sending requests witthout disturbing the user's workflow

  • Struts: environment for building webapps. I was really hesitating to go for Java Faces, but Struts is more mature, and we use it at work so this is more relevant

  • Hibernate: excellent way of building and OO layer on top of the persistence layer (i.e. the database)

  • MySQL and SQL: refreshing my knowledge of SQL is not a bad thing.
  • Eclipse and MyEclipse: MyEclipse is the only bit of non-open source I am using, but again, we use it at work, and the tools seem excellent

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